system automation

Design, Build, and Program
Automation Control Systems

Embry Automation & Controls’ team offers a diverse range of design services and a depth of industry experience so that we are prepared to meet all of your industrial, engineering, and automation needs.

We are here to listen to your needs and utilize our experience to devise a unique solution to satisfy the unique requirements of your project. Our capabilities allow us to work with clients to identify how to best accomplish their industrial goals, orchestrate a plan, and properly execute the development and installation of their automation systems and processes.

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Wireless Systems Design & Installation

Incorporating wireless technologies into an industrial or automated plant environment offers users a significant strategic advantage. Doing so offers substantial cost savings in engineering and logistics, as well as great improvements in the reliability of data collection, both of which impact the bottom line immensely.

Embry Automation & Controls is prepared to design and install your very own wireless system built for your needs and designed to exceed industry standards. Wireless systems will dramatically reduce costs in wiring installation/maintenance and offers increased data gathering. This provides you with better and more efficiently obtained information about your processes.

Turn Key Systems

At Embry Automation & Controls we design and produce computer systems that are custom built for a particular application. Our turn key systems include all of the hardware and software necessary for your particular project. We are excited to work with you and design the perfect system for your business or corporation.

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Network Design & Installation

Network design and installation refers to the design and implementation of a computer network infrastructure. The entire design process is typically represented as a network diagram that also serves as the blueprint when installing the network physically.

Proper network design involves evaluating, processing, and scoping the network to be implemented. Our network designers will look at your needs and determine an overall map of the network to be designed, cabling structure, specific type and location of devices needed, the IP addressing structure, and overall network security processes to be implemented