Systems integration & Engineering

Turn Key Systems

At Embry Automation & Controls we design and produce computer systems that are custom built for a particular application. Our turn key systems include all of the hardware and software necessary for your particular project. We are excited to work with you and design the perfect system for your business or corporation.

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Control Systems Engineering

Control systems engineering is the engineering practice of using control theory to design systems with particular behaviors. The practice makes use of sensors to measure the performance of the device being controlled and uses that data to provide feedback to the system which can then make the appropriate adjustments.

Embry Automation & Controls can model a diverse range of mechanical systems and design controllers that can be designed to behave in the manner suited for your specific needs. We will utilize and install electrical circuits, digital signal processors, microcontrollers, and much more to satisfy any and all of your control system needs.

Electrical Design

Electrical systems are groups of electrical components configured to carry out a particular operation. These types of systems are often combined with other systems into a network of subsystems designed to work together to carry out an overarching purpose.

Embry Automation & Controls will take your project’s functional specifications and work with you to determine the system’s purpose, make the design decisions, and furthermore install the system once it is ready.

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Network Design & Installation

Network design and installation refers to the design and implementation of a computer network infrastructure. The entire design process is typically represented as a network diagram that also serves as the blueprint when installing the network physically.

Proper network design involves evaluating, processing, and scoping the network to be implemented. Our network designers will look at your needs and determine an overall map of the network to be designed, cabling structure, specific type and location of devices needed, the IP addressing structure, and overall network security processes to be implemented